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70% of clients want a way to make agreements binding on offer. Now they have one.

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How many times have you agreed a sale and had it fall through? According to the latest figures, 1 in 3 property deals fall through after an offer is agreed. This means a loss of sales, time and commission for agents and businesses all over the UK.

Gazeal Seal is changing the UK property market by providing consumers with the security they want: a legally binding agreement on an offer to purchase a property.

Gazeal Seal ensures that offers made are legally binding. Parties can't walk away, move the goal posts or get gazumped.

"The Gazeal process was a revelation! The whole process was quick and easy and I was kept informed at every stage using my online portal. It takes the uncertainty and stress away."

Jane Haggerty

How it Works

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Gazeal Process

Securing the deal

Gazeal protects both sides by putting the Title into Escrow pending Exchange. Just like holding a Title in Trust, this secures the deal subject to the terms of the contract.

Gazeal Process

Title Verification & Exchange

While the Title is in Escrow, we verify it with your solicitors against our rigorous standards. If it passes, Exchange happens automatically.

Gazeal Process

Title Insurance Cover

On successful Title Verification, the buyer immediately benefits from Title Insurance* (see footer for Insurer details).

46% of sellers have concerns
about a buyer changing their mind after making an offer.

Give them peace of mind with Gazeal Seal

Reservation Deposit Guarantee

The buyer is liable to pay 1% of the sale price to the seller in the event of default under the Gazeal Reservation Agreement.  The buyer does not need to find this money at the outset because for a nominal, non-refundable fee paid by the buyer, Gazeal will guarantee the reservation deposit.  This means that if the buyer pulls out after the cooling off period, the seller will receive the reservation deposit from Gazeal.  The buyer must pay the 1% reservation deposit to Gazeal if they pull out. So, the guarantee means that;

  • The seller has peace of mind as he knows that the buyer has a legal and financial commitment
  • The buyer knows that the seller is committed but does not have to pay out the 1% reservation deposit at a time when the buyer is almost certainly financially stretched

For example:

Property purchase price £200,000

The cost of the deposit guarantee payable by the buyer is £200,000 x 0.075%

Cost of reservation deposit guarantee: £150


This is 1% of the purchase price of the property. Under the Gazeal Reservation Agreement, the buyer is liable to pay this amount to the seller if the buyer defaults under the Agreement. This is the penalty for breaking the terms of the agreement.
The seller does not have to pay the reservation deposit to anyone at the beginning of the transaction. But, under the terms of the Gazeal Reservation Agreement, the seller will be liable to pay this sum to the buyer if the seller defaults under the Agreement.
No! The buyer is liable to pay the seller a reservation deposit of 1% of the sale price in the event of default. But – here is the clever bit! To avoid the buyer having to pay this money up front, the buyer will enter into a separate guarantee with Gazeal. For a nominal, non-refundable fee, Gazeal will guarantee the payment of the reservation deposit to the seller in the event of default by the buyer. The buyer must understand that the guarantee is not instead of paying the reservation deposit in the event of the buyer defaulting. If the buyer defaults, Gazeal will recover the 1% reservation deposit from the buyer.
No. this is non-refundable. Even if the buyer pulls out of the transaction during the cooling off period, the fee that they paid for the Reservation Deposit Guarantee will not be refunded to them.

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